Costa Rica Car Rentals

Costa Rica Car Rentals

Costa Rica Car Rentals
Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

If you choose not to rent a golf cart and want the best rental car experience in Costa Rica,
let us help you navigate Costa Rica car rentals.

Adobe Rent a Car tops our list as the best Costa Rica car rentals agency in the country and here’s a few reasons why:

They take outstanding care of their fleet and update them regularly, so your car will be fully functional.

There staff is bilingual, so you won’t get lost in translation.

Adobe provides the most competitive comprehensive price for rentals.

There are rental options for other useful items such as cell phones, GPS navigation and mobile hot spot devices.

Adobe gives you an honest, all inclusive quote upfront.

The deposit fee is $1000 (whereas some companies require $5000).

Why Choose Adobe Rent A Car?

Often times, vacationers contact familiar brands to rent their cars and think they’re getting a good deal. And believe us, we know it looks good on paper. But Costa Rica car rentals can be different in that you are required by law to purchase mandatory insurance. Some rental agencies don’t include that in the original quote—and others will even go so far as to tell you they do. And it’s frustrating.

Here you are thinking you have an SUV reserved for $25 dollars a day, until you go to pay, and now it’s $75 a day because you have to pay the insurance. Or worse yet, you’ve booked a car and the agency is out of cars. Our team has been around long enough and seen it all.

Car Rental Insurance Info

Renters should be aware that there are two levels of insurance offered here: basic (mandatory) and full coverage. If you have a credit card like an AMEX that offers rental care coverage, be advised that it is only for full coverage. So you are still obligated to pay the basic insurance but you can decline the full coverage.

Save yourself the headaches and let us help you get an accurate quote with Adobe Rent a Car Costa Rica Car Rentals.


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